Media control & building automation

ISEO is the trend-setting technology in the field of Media Control and Digital Signage. The system is based on established standards, such as IP networks, PC-based computer hardware or tried and tested bus systems.


Communication with the user
ISEO creates user interfaces: touch panel media control in conference rooms or info displays in different locations for the public sector. ISEO is an extensive design tool for creation of media control and digital signage projects.

Optimized development
In developing ISEO great emphasis was placed on the easy learnability of the design environment. Both pre-defined design and object templates, as well as a drag & drop concept for operation assist the AV system integrator in creating media control and digital signage projects. All configuration options can be adjusted in clearly structured dialogs. The most important project elements remain visible during the design process and can be accessed directly.

Trend-setting technology
Some years ago media control systems were based on separately developed hardware. Nowadays we focus on long-term availability and reliability of the components used. ISEO uses the most up-to-date technology available, for instance for user interface graphics rendering. This does not only accelerate page transitions and menu selection but it enables also 3D-effects, such as fade ins and outs, rotations or wiping, which could not be done by conventional media control systems.

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