Discover the features which help you to prepare your show perfectly by arranging and editing all different kinds of media formats completely free in your timeline

Teamviewer Support Modul

Version 8
Date 2012/12/19
Filesize 3,71 MB
This software grants AV Stumpfl support staff access to your computer. It can be used for remote support.

Wings AV product brochure

Version May 2013
Date 2013/05/06
Filesize 5,60 MB

Wings AV Installer

Version 1.9.0
Date 2014/12/04
Filesize 330,73 MB
The Wings AV installer installs the products Wings Vioso, Wings Touch, Wings Avio manager and Wings Avio service. You can choose during the installation which products should be installed.


Edit your media as you are used to from your video software. Change length, start and end position, include fades and cuts - all this is done in real time and in a completely non-destructive way.


Images and videos can be arranged completely free in the screen.It just takes a few steps to create picture-in-picture displays and animations or to adjust croppings.

Realtime effects

Finalize your presentation by using effects from the wide range of available effects. It is not only possible to influence color, contrast and brightness, but in applying artistic effects, such as blurand shader animations you can turn your media into a unique composition.

Various media formats

Use your favorite formats. Wings Vioso supports all video codecs installed on the Wings Engine and ensures highest-quality output. High-resolution image files (e.g. JPEG, PNG, Tiff) are displayed optimally even with alpha channel.

Working on a virtual screen

You can start producing your show on your own computer without the need of setting up the whole equipment. You program everything on a virtual screen. What you see on the screen corresponds in detail with the result on the projection surface - what you see is what you get!

Show export

Want to send your customer a preview of your show? Just render a video file at the required resolution from the timeline.

Title generator

Create texts, lower thirds  or text animations in the Title Generator in just a few steps. Short-term modifications can be made instantly without requiring any new files to be rendered.

Picture sequences

Wings Vioso allows playback of high-resolution picture sequences. This means highest levels in terms of quality in spite of combined access to the full range of editing, compositing and effect tools.

Unlimited number of tracks / layers

Program your show at your own style. It‘s up to you to decide on the media and the number of tracks you want to use. Wings limits neither the number of tracks nor the number of objects on them. Various types of groups can be freely defined in order to accelerate editing and establish clear structures.
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